Sunday, 31 March 2013


I am rubbish with jewellery, I will buy it and then forget it exists and never wear it. I keep the same two silver studded earrings in and rarely change them. Oh and I wear a silver watch, when I remember it. Nothing too fancy. But today I fancied a change. Due to the fact that I am hopeless with jewellery I never spend much on items at all, however one day I came across a bit of a gem. Statement necklaces can always be found in the remnants of a sale. This necklace from Miss Selfridge was originally £19!! As I am a stingy mare I would never pay full price for this item however £3, yes £3 I can do. This necklace can transform an outfit, add texture and interest. It may not to be everyones taste (which is probably why there were loads left and reduced by so much) but I like it. And thats what its all about.  

Annie x

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