Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Jazzy pants

This week I got through 3 pairs of tights, how does that happen!? A lot of my outfits are skirt and shorts combos and in this british weather, tights must be worn. So instead of tights I wanted to turn my attention to something a little more durable, trousers. There is so much variety when it comes to trousers, different styles and material. From jeans to silk hareems. On this occasion I got attracted to pattern. The patterned trouser; not to be confused with pyjama  bottoms, can seem like a daunting garment at first but worn correctly they can look great. The trick to wearing patterned trousers is to team them up with something plain and simple on top, keep the party downstairs. If you are conscious about the size of your hips and legs, keep the pattern small. Here are a few items I picked up at bargain prices. Bargains indeed but it all defeats the object when you buy three pairs of them. The aim is to take back at least 1 out of the three pairs I bought. We shall see...

H&M £12.99

I love a good polka dot and these were such a good value pair of treggings. The only downfall was that they wouldn't go past by bum! one of those things you look for when selecting trousers. The polka dot is smudged, almost like an ikat pattern. I love them had they not taken 5 mins to squeeze into. Shame

H&M £5

Originally £9.99 but currently on a 50% off offer. And another plus is,they did up! Good times. Love the print and colour combo on these, very interesting.  

Peacocks £5

£20 down to a fiver in the sale, nice one. However looking at this picture now I see they may not be the most flattering for my hips.Maybe the pattern is too big or it may just be my stance.But i do love them. I was looking forward to wearing these when the sun decides to finally come out.

Annie x

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