Saturday, 25 May 2013

Take it to the max

Who would have thought we were on our way into summer territory with this typical British weather? Here's a very autumn inspired outfit of the day complete with dark vampy lip. As I am a what you would call a "short-ass" I do find it a big problem finding maxi dresses and skirts to fit me in length but this summer I am going to tackle this problem. I have one that I really enjoy styling and I've been wanting to get this maxi skirt out for a while. Its a lovely fitted maxi that only cost me £2 once upon a time in Primark, I would say a good 4 years ago. These were the days where everything was dirt cheap however Im sure everyone is aware that the prices have gone up a little over the past few years. But hey I still find it great value and more often then not actually not bad quality. Not sure how this post has turned into an ode to my love of Primark. So back to my point; maxi skirts don't have to be just a summer item as here I have teamed it up with my grey sparkle loose knit jumper and metallic chelsea boots. Not yet ready to get my feet out of boots and into sandals, which today was just as well as true to form the heavens opened. 

Testing out a darker lip today. I haven't been able to find the right vampy shade for me so I have mixed a dark brown lip liner with a plum lipstick for my ideal colour. Mixing liners and lipsticks is a great way of creating a new colour without going out and spending money on an all new lipstick. Its also a good idea for using colours in your make up collection that don't uselessly see the light of day.

Annie x

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