Friday, 14 March 2014

Go go gadget...

When it comes to gadgets and technology I am completely useless. I even have to stand back as my little brother shakes his head and sighs as he fiddles around with cables as I can't work out how to switch the TV settings to DVD, I just want to prance about the living room to my Pilates DVD. I am however a massive fan of this little gadget due to the gorgeous colour and cool design. Got these as a Christmas present from the boyf, I asked for some earphones with these credentials: 
1. Look cool
2. Be girly
3. Have good sound quality 

As someone who studied music technology in University he was less than impressed with my basic priorities but none the less he came up trumps with these beauties.
The sound quality is bloody brilliant, the colour is so vibrant and different and the style is retro and chic.
Looking at the website they have lots of different styles in so many colours so take your pick.

Annie x

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