Monday, 12 May 2014

Colour me in

When I was three years old, I started dancing. For our shows we had to wear a customary bright blue eyeshadow lid, rosy red cheeks and a bright red lip. To top it all off, the night before hair would be put into rags or rollers for a miraculously ringletty mound of hair the next day . 
Years later after muting my makeup down to simple nudes and straightening my hair it seems this look may be making a come back. It is true, I am embracing my natural curls and even turning to a curling wand for extra volume and yes I do sport a red or bold lip from time to time; but coloured eyeshadow? Could it ever sit comfortably back into my life without me donning tap shoes and singing songs about rainbows/stars/babies/calendar girls ect.  
I have a whole Urban Decay palette with beautiful colours that I just never use. I love makeup and will use any excuse to buy and experiment with it however there are only so many shades of cream, brown and black that I could possibly use.
So I'm branching out with a little colour here and there. As well as eyeshadow I have also experimented with coloured eyeliners, I go ahead and paint on a black eyeliner (liquid or gel) and then just above add a line of colour with either one of the two pencils listed below.
I have started small, the little Natural Collection eyeshadow pots and the new revlon single eyeshadows are a cheap and easy way to experiment without braking the bank.

Urban Decay pallete: Book of shadows
Natural Collection eyeshadows: Spring green and Moss shimmer
Revlon eyeshadow: Plum
Seventeen kohl eye pencil: Plum
MUA Eye liner: Forest Green

Annie x

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