Saturday, 12 July 2014

Birthday suit

These past 2 weeks have been non stop. In the first week it was my birthday. This was the first year that I had to work on my birthday, sign of getting older? Despite it being mid week I did still manage to dress for the occasion, even if it was to overload on the salad bar at Harvester. 
I won these dungarees a few months ago from ebay (originally from River Island). I received them and in true ebay fashion they were faulty; the hem was broken and were massively too long. I sent them to be taken up, the perks of having a seamstress for a nan. I originally intended to wear these with some big block heels however the hem was taken up a little too much. However I can still wear them with flat sandals which will make them more of a wearable item. Despite being black I do think these are a seasonal item, once that rain and wind sets back in these flares won't stand a chance.  

Annie x

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