Monday, 1 July 2013

Tell me about it, stud

I got chills, indeed they're multiplying. Very excited and well chuffed with this little bit of DIY this eve as I customised two items of clothing that have been neglected in my wardrobe. I gave them a new leash of life with these studs that were super cheap and easy to use. I used something similar in my GCSE textiles and was told that I wouldn't get a mark for it as it wasn't a sewing technique, fair enough. So even for those of you that don't deem yourselves as a dab hand at anything creative, you can still do this. If you look through whats on offer in the high streets today you will see that it will be laden with clothes with studs; and this allows them to bump up the pounds just by adding a little embellishment. 
Here are the items I funked up:

These are how the studs look originally. The idea is to pierce them through the fabric and then fold over the spikes just like the picture above. As usual, ebay has served me well. You can get these studs and many other variations to achieved your desired look for under £2. 

Link for the pyramid studs:

Link for the circular studs:

Have fun trying something a little different. It is nice to know that no one else will have the same looking item of clothing as you. 

Annie x

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