Saturday, 9 May 2015

Float away

I would rather wear my jeans and trainers then don a floaty dress or anything in the pink palette. However, this little number I can change for. I got this a few years back from Ebay, originally from River Island and bought for no more then £3. I tend to steer away from these kind of necklines or anything strapless, as I am a little bit body conscious of my collar bones that jut out . If I could take a bit from my legs and squeeze it into this area that would be brilliant, however that would also be unrealistic and well, mad. So instead of worrying about it, I'm just gunna flash my bones for tonight. 
The lace, the light weight fabric and floral pattern gives this dress an elegant touch. Here's to hoping that it rubs off on the wearer. Worn with a pair of leggings, this is the perfect outfit to wear when your night is destined for a meal out with friends feasting on carbs.

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