Friday, 14 August 2015

Sugar scrub

I was seduced by the strong soapy smell being pumped out of my local Lush store the other day, so of course I had to pop in. I had to pick up my old trusty 'butterball' bath bomb, an old favourite that I always go to. Just a good simple product, no picking out seaweed from your plug hole or coming out of the bath like a glitter ball. It gives off a scented oil that moisturises your skin making you feel silky smooth. No faffing around in the nud, wacking out some yogo moves to moisturise your bod after bath time.
I was looking for something new, after popping into the new Oxford Street flagship store in London recently, I was overwhelmed by the amount of new products Lush had to offer. It made me think that I need to steer myself out of my 'butterball' monogamous relationship. 
Que the 'sugar scrub', a scrubtastic scrub full of sugar bits that really buff away at your skin. I was first attracted to the smell; a fresh lavender smell which if you are a fan of the perfume Angel (like I am) then you will love this. 
Now, a word of warning. This stuff is very abrasive, maybe to the point that it is actually painful. To tackle this you have to make sure that your skin and the scrub itself is completely wet. First time round I did not do this, leaving my with scratches over my legs and arms. Despite the scratches, it did leave me with lovely soft skin, it made me feel and smell fresh and clean.
I do like this product however I would like it to leave me without looking like I have been attacked by a frisky cat. Now I feel like next time I would like something a little more moisturising on the skin. Any ideas for my next purchase? 

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