Saturday, 17 August 2013

Yo, Kimono

Channeling my inner Asian with two new kimonos. They are both lovely light weight items that add a bit of interest to an otherwise boring outfit. My most hated part of my body is my top half . I am very conscious of how bony my collar bones are and how gangly my arms are.  With this I have issues with jackets and tops that aren't fitted as I find if they are too big then it will make me appear smaller then I am. Silly I know but everyone has those little body niggles and hang ups that alter the way in which we dress.  

The first kimono was an eBay find, originally from h&m I won the bid for under £5 including postage. The label stated its was a size XS however when it arrived I was a little disappointed as it was huuuge. Tried it on and at first I felt like a wizard, I wasn't impressed. Having said this, I did try it on whilst I was wearing pyjamas so I then decided to style it up and realised it actually looked great on. I figured out that due to its bagginess it should be styled with something fitted underneath.

The second kimono was also an eBay find. Originally from River Island this was again a size 6 however still on the large side. I love the contrasting colours of the teal and orange. Here I have decided to wear it with muted colours like the grey and light blue and bring out the orange with this lovely orange and gold necklace from ASOS that I received as a birthday prezzie. I have recently started seeing Kimonos pop up in shops on the high street. Primark have a couple of lovely silky ones with oriental prints priced at around £15. I think they are a great alternative to a cardigan or blazer and adds a bit of interest to an outfit.

Annie x

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