Friday, 17 April 2015

They're all the same

I've been had.
 Despite the amount of money I spend on cheap clothes that get 1 wear a year; I am fairly cautious with my money. I never spend more than £20 on an item of clothing, unless it is a coat or pair of jeans - even then, they tend to be from the sale.
I have been lusting over the 70's trend and to complete said look I have had my eyes on a perfect  button up blue denim skirt. I found one from Miss Selfridge for £28. I loved it and it was exactly what I was looking for. So I shelled out my hard earned money; 4 hours worth of work in fact.
I then proceeded into Primark where I found an identical skirt for £10- £18 cheaper!! Here are the two skirts next to each other; can you tell the difference?
I am planning on sending one back but I am questioning whether the extra pounds have bought me quality or just the same old high street copycat fashion.     
So moral of todays post. If you have the time and you are money and fashion conscious, shop around.

Side note: Label states this skirt is £28 however is £25 on the website? 

Primark- £10
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