Thursday, 14 November 2013


Here is my new dynamic duo. Christmas is in the air and so that makes glitter acceptable to wear, everywhere!! As soon as I saw this glittery nail varnish in the new Cardiff e.l.f store I wanted it. On to the base coat. Im already an avid fan of MUA's lipstick and eyeshadow and so it was time to branch out to nail varnish. Jumping on the white nail varnish trend with this Tip-Ex inspired nail varnish. 
MUA- All Nude £1
E.L.F- Chic confetti £2.50

So here's the verdict on these new products. MUA you have not impressed me. Not too sure if its just the colour but it took about 3 coats to look...ok. The brush was itzy bitzy and the consistency very watery. This is just going to be used for nail art use in future. Having said this I love the final result. Now lets see how long it stays on.....  

Annie x

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