Thursday, 21 November 2013

Northern lights

Spent the past weekend up north in Manchester visiting my boyfriend. Out of the 4 days I was up there, 2 of them were spent exploring Afflecks Palace. Such a cool place, could spend all day looking at the beads in the bead shop (sad? yes maybe) 
Caught a quick snap of my outfit of the day. As I mentioned in my last post, glitter is now acceptable to wear, everywhere. 
So here it is in my glittery black jeans. Picked these up in H&M recently for £4. Unfortunately the glitter had transferred onto the seats of a car, which isn't necessarily a bad thing #discocar  
Chanel suit inspired cardigan from Primark, reduced to £5
Light pink T-shirt, ebayed 
I need to get used to the awkwardness of public picture taking. How do people do it!? As usual apologies for the artless picture taking however the boy did come up trumps with a vintage find for me! Stay tuned, it's a good'un.
A lovely weekend trawling the christmas market and drinking mulled cider. With the dark nights here and festive lights, it is starting to look a lot like Christmas....and its only November!

Annie x

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