Saturday, 2 November 2013


Happy Halloween all. I wore my mini witches hat once last week for my girl guides session, although I didn't win the costume competition (pfft, robbed) and spent the evening melting chocolate for chocolate apples and making sure the girls weren't getting too hyped up on sugar. I felt I had to get the full £2 worth out of my witch hat/hairband. I really begrudge paying too much money on fancy dress, so here you have it, my makeshift witches outfit.

 You can always rely on H&M for some 'out there' clothing items that we all have in our wardrobes, just like these:

This striped shirt which has a Beetlejuice vibe and has been worn on many occasions. I love layering it under jumpers with the stripy collar poking through.

Shinny silver jeans, which I really thought I would never wear and then halloween happened. Seen as I have once dressed up as a moose for halloween, sliver trousers are no biggie. They may make another appearance as I love the fit and the look. Might style them up with some chunky knits for a bit of a contrast. Oh yes and did I mention they only cost me £5!!
When Halloween comes along, subtlety is thrown out of the window. So I went for a drag queen vibe as I plastered on my eyeshadow. 
I had so much fun and loved the excuse to make the most out of my Urban Decay palette. I do normally tend to stick to neutral colours however on this night I branched out and used a shimmery berry colour called 'Last Call', it's such a lovely colour and I will be experimenting to see how I can wear it minus a witches hat. 
I wet my eyeshadow brush slightly to pack on this MUA eyeshadow in the creatively named,'shade 3'. Such a great colour pay off and seen as they are a mere £1 each, I will have to stock up on some more. The best part was that it was all still intact even as I queued with the students of Cardiff at 2am to get me some big mac.  

Hope you all had a great time what ever you did and didn't get too spooked! 

Annie x


  1. I love the colour of your hair! Always loved a nice Auburn colour, wish I could pull it off!



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