Sunday, 31 March 2013


I am rubbish with jewellery, I will buy it and then forget it exists and never wear it. I keep the same two silver studded earrings in and rarely change them. Oh and I wear a silver watch, when I remember it. Nothing too fancy. But today I fancied a change. Due to the fact that I am hopeless with jewellery I never spend much on items at all, however one day I came across a bit of a gem. Statement necklaces can always be found in the remnants of a sale. This necklace from Miss Selfridge was originally £19!! As I am a stingy mare I would never pay full price for this item however £3, yes £3 I can do. This necklace can transform an outfit, add texture and interest. It may not to be everyones taste (which is probably why there were loads left and reduced by so much) but I like it. And thats what its all about.  

Annie x

Thursday, 28 March 2013


Woke up this morning with the sun beaming through my window. What a lovely way to start the day. Although I have lovely warm winter coats I am fed up of wearing them, bring me sunshine!! So typically I gave myself all of 10 frantic minutes to get ready and leave the house so threw together my first spring outfit of the year (complete with sunglasses) and trotted off. By 11 o'clock I was shivering in my patent nude brogues.Lovely while it lasted. 

Scarf:Tommy Hilfiger 
White top:Primark
Blue jeans:Gap
Cardi: River island (ebayed)

Those little details....

No fuss accessories, love the contrasting colours of green, orange and blue.

Khaki bag: Next (sale)

Scarf: Tommy Hilfiger- noticed today on the care label 'dry clean only' i had better not nom anything too messy with this on.

Nude patent brogues: NewLook (sale)
Nice simple shoes that will smarten up almost any outfit

I love little details on clothes, and river island are great for adding those little extra bits. Love the lime coloured beads on this spring floral cardigan. Got a thing going on for lime at the moment.

Simple make up look
Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation & Rimmels wake me up concealer (can you see a trend, need some early nights)
On my cheeks a little bit of natural collection 'dusky pink' 

Although todays activities only called for a waxing appointment and a Maunday Thursday Catholic mass (what contrasting activities!!)there was still time for a little bit of shopping/browsing. Tried on these jeans in River island, sale of course.

Black floral print jeans: £15 from £35
Something different to plain black jeans ,a subtle floral pattern and were a great fit.....I didn't get them because I couldn't be arsed to queue for the till. What a fool. Regretting that decision now.

Tara sun, was nice to see you. Hope to see again soon!

Annie x  


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

An introduction.....

Hello, so first blog post, here we go. Im Annie from South Wales. I graduated last summer after three years of studying dance in uni. I am now currently just waiting for life to start in that job that is retail. For a very long time now, I have had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with shopping so I have set up this blog just to share the contents of my wardrobe and shopping bags. After three years of being a skint student I have become a big cheap skate, so the majority of my outfits are made up of a combination of sale, discounted and ebayed clothes. Hope you find a little bit of inspiration or just some mild enjoyment.
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