Saturday, 26 April 2014

Next please

I am an avid blog reader. I'm always interested in where people have bought their clothes and how they style them up. There are often many shops that are in the mix, however Next very rarely being one of them.
Next really do come up trumps when it comes to merchandising within stores. It is done in such a way that it makes it effortless to put together outfits. Often grouped together are complementary colour schemes and textures. This means you really can't go too wrong when choosing items as they have been carefully selected and merchandised in a specific way.  However due to this, I feel sometimes it doesn't leave much room for creativity or personal stylistic quirks when outfit creating.
 Now about the actual clothes: I do believe that their sizes can be a little sketchy at times, and I would always recommend trying clothes on. Having said this, once you have found your fit you will see that the quality is one of the best on the high street.
I have got to say this outfit is so comfortable and stylish at the same time. Completely different for me, wearing a colour I wouldn't normally gravitate to and a print I have never seen imitated anywhere else before. I am, and for as long as I love cake, will always be a fan of an elasticated waistband. They fit perfectly and comfortably at the waist. The vest is very long and definitely requires a tuck in job; which along with the complementary colours makes these two items a perfect combo.  

Yellow vest- £18 (sold out in this colour)* 
Printed trousers- £35 (sold out in regular lengths)*
*Unfortunately, if an item is a hit they sell out fast
Nude patent heels- £15 (sale) The notorious Next sale is another blog post in itself

Todays guest appearance: My 20 year old cat who doesn't care much for clothes, unless she can sleep on them.

Annie x

Friday, 25 April 2014

Same....but different

Heaven forbid, a fashion blogger repeating an outfit? You can find this skirts debut here on my blog however this is just another way I'm styling it up. Bought this loose knit white jumper from H&M, on offer for £7. Perfect for today's spring like weather and for a cooler summers evening. This is a size 'small' however it most definitely is not that. I do believe this is down to H&M's consistent measurement identity crisis. For this reason I always find that with H&M clothing, everything needs trying on before purchase. Having said this I do love the super slouchy look of this jumper which, much to my boyfriend and thighs dismay, means I can eat all the cake I like in this. 

Annie x

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Blue skies

Going for a blue vibe in this outfit to reflect the lovely blue skies of recent. I enjoyed getting my legs out, especially when I get to wear this skirt which was reduced to just a £1, maybe one of my best Primark bargains? 
 A change in weather and season always make me look into my wardrobes and scream "I have nothing to wear!!". The hoarder shopaholic in me is itching to get out and experiment with some new spring trends, lets see what the high street has to offer. 
This spring/summer I'm thinking of branching out and trying colours that I would ordinarily be frightened of; Im thinking oranges, reds and yellows. These aren't the best combo with my copper hair but I can not be limited to wearing blue, green, black and white just because of my choice in hair colour; living on the edge.

Hope you have all enjoyed the Easter holidays, and of course the chocolate. 

Annie x
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