Thursday, 28 November 2013

On strike

I am coming down hard on myself, I have put in place a spending ban. With Christmas on it's way my bank account has received a brutal battering. No item of clothing shall be purchased for myself, by myself, until, until I reach breaking point or payday. Which ever comes first.
I want to start delving into my wardrobe's (yes wardrobe's, plural) and wearing some long forgotten items. So here I am replacing the new with the old. Starting with the eldest item of the outfit, my trusty white jumper. Bought from Primark by my mother in my first year of uni in a bid to keep me warm. Despite a little bobbling under the arms this jumper is in tip top condition and still super soft. 
Added a pop of colour with a lime green shirt purchased this summer in the H&M sale. Unfortunately not coming up so well in these pictures are my navy smart trousers, bought again from Primark. The elasticated waistband is coming in handy with the recent influx of mince pie eating.  

Annie x 

Sunday, 24 November 2013


My outfit for a girls night out. Went to a club that played the finest the 90's had to offer. On that 90's theme Im feeling like a french spice girl in this crop top; which unfortunately aint so crop and too short to be a full length top. Its one for a tucking in job. Loving this green leather look skirt from Asos, they also have a navy blue version that I am still eyeing up. Stuck on my leopard print boots for a bit of a clash and also so I could wear a nice thick pair of ski socks inside. This Cardiff girl (unlike many others) will not be contemplating going out this winter without a coat brrrrrrrr

Striped crop top: New Look sale
Green pleather skirt: Asos £7.50
Leopard print boots: New Look sale
Let us pay some appreciation to the newly appointed photographer, my father. A very patient man indeed.

Annie x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Northern lights

Spent the past weekend up north in Manchester visiting my boyfriend. Out of the 4 days I was up there, 2 of them were spent exploring Afflecks Palace. Such a cool place, could spend all day looking at the beads in the bead shop (sad? yes maybe) 
Caught a quick snap of my outfit of the day. As I mentioned in my last post, glitter is now acceptable to wear, everywhere. 
So here it is in my glittery black jeans. Picked these up in H&M recently for £4. Unfortunately the glitter had transferred onto the seats of a car, which isn't necessarily a bad thing #discocar  
Chanel suit inspired cardigan from Primark, reduced to £5
Light pink T-shirt, ebayed 
I need to get used to the awkwardness of public picture taking. How do people do it!? As usual apologies for the artless picture taking however the boy did come up trumps with a vintage find for me! Stay tuned, it's a good'un.
A lovely weekend trawling the christmas market and drinking mulled cider. With the dark nights here and festive lights, it is starting to look a lot like Christmas....and its only November!

Annie x

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Here is my new dynamic duo. Christmas is in the air and so that makes glitter acceptable to wear, everywhere!! As soon as I saw this glittery nail varnish in the new Cardiff e.l.f store I wanted it. On to the base coat. Im already an avid fan of MUA's lipstick and eyeshadow and so it was time to branch out to nail varnish. Jumping on the white nail varnish trend with this Tip-Ex inspired nail varnish. 
MUA- All Nude £1
E.L.F- Chic confetti £2.50

So here's the verdict on these new products. MUA you have not impressed me. Not too sure if its just the colour but it took about 3 coats to look...ok. The brush was itzy bitzy and the consistency very watery. This is just going to be used for nail art use in future. Having said this I love the final result. Now lets see how long it stays on.....  

Annie x

Monday, 11 November 2013


For those of you that may not be familiar with let me fill you in. E.l.f is an online makeup website with a large range of products for (you guessed it) your eyes, lips and face....also nails but 'elfn' isn't such an effective name. A lot of their products range from £1.50 to about £10. I had made an online purchase maybe 2 years ago to see what all the hype was about. I ordered a lip gloss, blusher brush and pressed powder and I have to say that the products were so so and didn't see much use on my face. They have since been shunned to the back of my makeup draw. I think the only problems with e.l.f is firstly, the company is still relatively new and so finding useful reviews on products are hard to come by; having said this most items on the website do have reviews from customers. Secondly as it is a website you are unable to swatch samples to check colour and consistency before purchase, also colours transcend completely differently when pictured. However this last aspect has been resolved for me, as e.l.f has come to Cardiff.    
Situated in Morgans Arcade the new and shiney e.l.f store. Myself and my cousin entered like two curious kittens and exiting with hands and arms full of sample swatches. They stock almost everything from the website however limited stock on the lower priced items. Before the store had opened, I was excited thinking I could easily start stocking up on the £1.50 make up brushes, however they only seem to stock the higher priced equivalents.        

After swatching and feeling up every item in the store I ventured online to take advantage of one of e.l.f's many promotions. 50% off when you spend £20!
So I made my order, however then had to wait a whole week for it to arrive, with only an apology email to compensate. Lets hope that the products aren't as disappointing. Reviews to come.... 

Annie x

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Today I need to fill out a job application for a potential job post. And so what I seem to have done is anything but that! I really hate talking about my skills and experience and just job applications in general.
So instead I have....
  • Made 3 cups of coffee
  • Eaten one mince pie (never to early to get into festive food)
  • Burnt myself on my curlers 
  • Done 50 sit ups
  • Watched the whole of Gavin and Stacey series 3
  • And one of the most important, browsed
Im addicted to 'choies' and I want it all! The designs are so different and unique, and as I have an irrational fear of wearing the same outfit as someone else on the street, this is ideal for me.

The prices are so reasonable and with free shipping you really can't go wrong. Im just looking to find the catch. Will see you in my next post when I will be poor, but have some nice clothes to show for it.

Annie x

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Happy Halloween all. I wore my mini witches hat once last week for my girl guides session, although I didn't win the costume competition (pfft, robbed) and spent the evening melting chocolate for chocolate apples and making sure the girls weren't getting too hyped up on sugar. I felt I had to get the full £2 worth out of my witch hat/hairband. I really begrudge paying too much money on fancy dress, so here you have it, my makeshift witches outfit.

 You can always rely on H&M for some 'out there' clothing items that we all have in our wardrobes, just like these:

This striped shirt which has a Beetlejuice vibe and has been worn on many occasions. I love layering it under jumpers with the stripy collar poking through.

Shinny silver jeans, which I really thought I would never wear and then halloween happened. Seen as I have once dressed up as a moose for halloween, sliver trousers are no biggie. They may make another appearance as I love the fit and the look. Might style them up with some chunky knits for a bit of a contrast. Oh yes and did I mention they only cost me £5!!
When Halloween comes along, subtlety is thrown out of the window. So I went for a drag queen vibe as I plastered on my eyeshadow. 
I had so much fun and loved the excuse to make the most out of my Urban Decay palette. I do normally tend to stick to neutral colours however on this night I branched out and used a shimmery berry colour called 'Last Call', it's such a lovely colour and I will be experimenting to see how I can wear it minus a witches hat. 
I wet my eyeshadow brush slightly to pack on this MUA eyeshadow in the creatively named,'shade 3'. Such a great colour pay off and seen as they are a mere £1 each, I will have to stock up on some more. The best part was that it was all still intact even as I queued with the students of Cardiff at 2am to get me some big mac.  

Hope you all had a great time what ever you did and didn't get too spooked! 

Annie x

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