Sunday, 17 January 2016

Let's talk about brows, baby

When I was 9 my sister took it upon herself, as a sisterly duty, to pluck my eyebrows. And so became my future of looking like, well this:

Eyebrow hairs were, once upon a time (the 90's-00's), unsightly and had to be plucked to an inch of their lives. Fast forward to 2015/2016 eyebrows are in, in a big way. It seems now that your face is not complete without having perfectly groomed, threaded, plaited, dyed, painted and filled in eyebrows. In terms of maintenance my cousin swears by HD Brows, however at £25 a pop I turn to simple threading as a cheaper alternative.
 Filling in my eyebrows has become part of my daily routine. With this, I have tried and tested a fair few brow products and I would like to share with you a few gems that I have found.

Let's start with the cheapest, the Rimmel London professional eyebrow pencil  £2.99. Great for a quick fill in job. I go for the shade 001 Dark brown. The trick with this is that it needs to sharpened regularly, a blunt pencil will give you nothing but some messy slugs on your forehead. No thanks.

A product that is a little harder to find is the beautyuk high brow kit. I'm fairly curtain beautyuk has been discontinued,however there are plenty of powder products which I'm sure do the same job. I use a mix of the medium and lighter shade in this palette. The black petrifies me, it's way too dark and the wax is a waste of space in my makeup bag. A powder can give a softer look then a pencil or gel. It's best to apply with an angled brush to get a good shape. 

Now for the FREEDOM eyebrow pomade £5. A gel like pot (just like a gel eyeliner) , again to be applied with an angled brush. Gives a nice clean line, brilliant for painting your eyebrow shape on if hairs are spars. 

Now the true winner is the Soup and Glory Archery £8. My new favourite that trumps them all. The pencil is so thin that you can draw on fine strokes to imitate the look of hair which gives a more natural look . The colour I chose to suit me is 'hot chocolate' which is a dark ashy brown and a great match. I think this product gives the effect of really natural brows which is perfect for everyday use.

I hope that you, the reader, are also successful in the quest for the perfect brows.
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