Monday, 3 November 2014

Repeat offender

Here it is, yet another blog post featuring dungarees. It may seem as though I wear little else but these little numbers. Picked this one up from Primark this time last year. It is in a thick black corduroy material which is brilliant for winter. Although a size 6 it is very roomy so may look a little better bulked up with a chunky knit underneath. This is not a dainty dress so I teamed it up with my big red boots from New Look. 
This grey ribbed crop top was everywhere once upon a shopping time. Last month they were in Topshop, River Island and Primark in all types of colours; however now I am unable to find anything similar in the shops at all. Yes, it may be getting a tad chilly (bloody freezing) but I am still in need of some basic T-shirts for layering. This really shows what a quick rate the highstreet brings out and disposes of trends. I am just not ready to buy Christmas jumpers and sequinned party outfits yet!

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Forever 21, I wish

Just sharing a few items bought from Forever 21 on a recent online transaction. I first fell in love with this shop when I visited the store in Manchester Trafford centre. I went in with my friend and my boyfriend left us to it for a few minuets. When he returned he found me bewildered, eager eyed with arms full of clothes to try on. He was shocked as I am not one for going on a massive clothes haul from the same shop (beloved Primark excluded). Everything was so reasonably priced and on trend I just couldn't resist. 
This love interest has blown over to a lazy Thursday night making an online order. After taking off a few other items from my basket I settled for some staple items. This polka dot shirt is perfect for chucking on for work or on a day when I want to look a little smarter. I love how simple and comfortable this is to wear. Having said this, whilst writing this post I have been wearing this shirt all day and I can say that it creases so bad, which may take away from my desired said smart look. However for £12 you really can't go too wrong. Shabby chic it is then.  

This is what made me want to initially place an order. A gorgeous little black dress with a little edge. May I also add it was in the sale for £12.99, bargaroonie. I like the fact that the cheap price isn't reflected in the quality, as faux leather can often tend to look plastic and shiney. My only tripe with this dress is the deep crease mark made from being folded in the post. Im hoping it will fall out because I plan to wear it, a lot.

Last but not least. These earrings. I have never been a fan of, well anything that isn't a silver stud but these are just a little step out of that comfort zone.

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Winter repelling

Popping into town today in this no jacket weather. I didn't get the most out of this kimono this summer so rinsing it for all its worth now. Looking at these photos I can see I am in desperate need of a hair cut. Why do I always leave it until it looks like a right old frizz bob?
Although I am lusting over all the new autumn collections in store with the fluffy knits and tartan prints, I am so glad the weather is still mild. What is the point in winter fashion as it is always hidden under a coat? Having said this I will need to come to terms with the fact that winter is lurking just around the corner. I am already contemplating this years winter coat purchase and I may go for a statement colour; either electric blue or green. Just to brighten up on those grey days. 

This madam ruined my shots by deciding to have a good licking session in front of the camera.

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cat suit

Meow. For my birthday this year I asked my mum for two things; some nice PJ's from Topshop in a cat print and tickets to go see the musical Cats. I am becoming a legitimate cat lady; the crazy part is debatable.
I was wasting time in my local ASDA store and gravitated over to George's children section where I found this little beauty. A navy all in one with a funky cat print. Now, funky is not a word I use often but I think it is justified on this occasion. I am ordinarily a size 6/8 in clothes and I found age 13-14 fits brilliantly, however I am pushed for space around the boob area. Thank God I don't have the boob size of the average sized 13-14 year old.
I added a silver chain, red lips and black flatforms to make it look that much more grown up.
The major issue of wearing children's clothing is heaven forbid I bump into a child wearing the same outfit as me; especially one as unsubtle as this. To date I have only witnessed one little girl wear it. Thankfully I wasn't wearing mine, and to be fair to her she rocked it.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Return journey

Apologies for my absence, I really have no excuse apart from true laziness. So I'm back with a few pictures from a recent outfit. I originally bought these silver metallic trousers with Halloween in mind, they made a pretty good witches outfit. However I have found much more use out of them, not bad as I originally bought them for £3 from H&M. I find they add a little bit more interest to an outfit even if paired with a plain white tee.
I found this gem of a jacket in TK Max. It was the only one there and it was in my size, fate? I love the grey tweed like effect on the front and the stripes on the arms to give it a sporty feel.
Added some lime pumps also from h&m to add a pop of colour.
Fingers crossed this will be the last of my blogging lapses.

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sight seeing

I bloody love buying dresses, it is a problem. I seem to go into autopilot when shopping and just gravitate to the dresses. However this one isn't just a mindless purchase, the print is amazing. This year I am not going on holiday; so this is my alternative to sight seeing.
Dress from I sized up when I purchased this dress. I would normally go for a size xs/s but after studying the measurements of this dress I went for a Large; a bit of a difference.
Wore this on a night out this past weekend, safe in the idea that no one else would be wearing the same as me.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Where did you get that hat?

Hat from TK Max last year, this is the second time I am wearing it. It made its debut one day on a trip to Barry Island but it was just too blustery that it didn't stay on my head for long. It has since been used as a dress up hat for my little cousin. 
I gave it another go today when meeting my mum in town for some lunch. One of the reasons behind my change of heart towards this hat is that since turning 23 I have been a little conscious of those little things that society tells us to do everything in our power to prevent, wrinkles and sun damage. On these sunny days I have been slapping on a SPF (maybe not as high as it should be), the hat adds a little bit more protection. 
My other reasoning for protecting my face is that I tan very easily. I am the darkest skin toned of my family and although I only have a Mediterranean background I do often get asked if I am mixed race. Basically if I tan, I will have to venture out and buy yet another foundation. As if finding a spot on colour match for my normal year round skin tone wasn't hard enough. Lazy? Yes, very much so.
The third reason is that; I love it. I think it goes well with my outfit without making it all about the hat. 
Oh and about that outfit. Dress is from Dresslink. Cheap and perfect for this hot weather we are having. The sleeves give it an extra edge to what would otherwise be a boring grey dress.
Maybe I could be one of those people, you know the kind. A hat person.
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Sunday, 13 July 2014


These pictures have massively highlighted that I need to get my legs out more often, as this year they seem to be rejecting a tan. Today I went to a vintage fair, of which I took no pictures of and zero purchases from. What a pants fashion blogger I am. But nonetheless this is my outfit of the day. Drop waist dress found in the sale in New Look last year, very versatile as I wear this with tights, boots and chunky cardigan in the winter. The kimono adds to this outfit perfectly without being too much of a statement; more info on the kimono in this post here .

Annie x

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Birthday suit

These past 2 weeks have been non stop. In the first week it was my birthday. This was the first year that I had to work on my birthday, sign of getting older? Despite it being mid week I did still manage to dress for the occasion, even if it was to overload on the salad bar at Harvester. 
I won these dungarees a few months ago from ebay (originally from River Island). I received them and in true ebay fashion they were faulty; the hem was broken and were massively too long. I sent them to be taken up, the perks of having a seamstress for a nan. I originally intended to wear these with some big block heels however the hem was taken up a little too much. However I can still wear them with flat sandals which will make them more of a wearable item. Despite being black I do think these are a seasonal item, once that rain and wind sets back in these flares won't stand a chance.  

Annie x

Sunday, 15 June 2014


It seems as though I have lost my blogging bug. I have had many an outfit that needed a quick snap however I have just been unable to find the opportunity and of course suitable weather.  
It was my mum and dads 30th wedding anniversary and to celebrate we all went out for a lovely meal. An occasion like this is a great excuse to dress up.
 The sun may be out however my legs are still pastey white so I kept them well hidden in these gorgeous flares. Purchased last year from Primark, £2! They are long, maybe too long but its nothing a great pair of platforms can't adjust. I really think that flares and heels are a natural combo. The two together elongate the legs and lift la derriere.
With the lace top and statement pearl necklace I think it gives an elegant and vintage feel.
My June is turning out to be a busy month with my birthday coming up and a weekend away with the girl Guides group I help run. On that weekend away fashion and dressing like a girl goes out the window; in with thermals and waterproofs.   

Annie x

Monday, 19 May 2014

Dresslink...what do I think?

I've always been curious by these numerous clothing websites that are offering a large selection of clothing, such as: Choies, romwe ect.  The items on these sites are so unique; nothing like what I've seen on the high street. Best of all they are cheap cheap cheap, mainly due to the fact that they are based in china. Due to my disproportionate body I always have to try on clothes so I have always been a little dubious about ordering online. I was drawn to the website by recommendations from numerous bloggers and youtubers. The website sells a range of items; from children's and women's clothing to jewellery and footwear.
Before making my order with, I did my fair share of research. The main point that I picked up on was the sizing. Due to the fact that this is an Asian brand the sizes come up very small.
With each clothing item comes measurements so be sure to look through these, maybe have a measuring tape handy. I am normally a size XS/S however in some of the clothes I purchased a size L. As well as sizing, have a read through of the reviews. These are very handy in telling you about the quality and sizes. 
I waited a good 18 days for my items to arrive. I was a little apprehensive about what to expect as the reviews were such a mixed bag. I can honestly say that I am blown away with the quality of these products. My favourite is the white and blue dress by far.
I will say however everything has arrived within the 18 days; accept for one dress which wasn't included in the parcel. I have read through the term and conditions and it does state that some items may come separately in the post. I have contacted dresslink and hope to get an explanation very soon. If it doesn't turn up then it will really taint my perception of dresslink, which would be a shame as my overall experience has been great.

Dress size L

Size M

Annie x
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