Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Where did you get that hat?

Hat from TK Max last year, this is the second time I am wearing it. It made its debut one day on a trip to Barry Island but it was just too blustery that it didn't stay on my head for long. It has since been used as a dress up hat for my little cousin. 
I gave it another go today when meeting my mum in town for some lunch. One of the reasons behind my change of heart towards this hat is that since turning 23 I have been a little conscious of those little things that society tells us to do everything in our power to prevent, wrinkles and sun damage. On these sunny days I have been slapping on a SPF (maybe not as high as it should be), the hat adds a little bit more protection. 
My other reasoning for protecting my face is that I tan very easily. I am the darkest skin toned of my family and although I only have a Mediterranean background I do often get asked if I am mixed race. Basically if I tan, I will have to venture out and buy yet another foundation. As if finding a spot on colour match for my normal year round skin tone wasn't hard enough. Lazy? Yes, very much so.
The third reason is that; I love it. I think it goes well with my outfit without making it all about the hat. 
Oh and about that outfit. Dress is from Dresslink. Cheap and perfect for this hot weather we are having. The sleeves give it an extra edge to what would otherwise be a boring grey dress.
Maybe I could be one of those people, you know the kind. A hat person.
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