Sunday, 26 October 2014

Forever 21, I wish

Just sharing a few items bought from Forever 21 on a recent online transaction. I first fell in love with this shop when I visited the store in Manchester Trafford centre. I went in with my friend and my boyfriend left us to it for a few minuets. When he returned he found me bewildered, eager eyed with arms full of clothes to try on. He was shocked as I am not one for going on a massive clothes haul from the same shop (beloved Primark excluded). Everything was so reasonably priced and on trend I just couldn't resist. 
This love interest has blown over to a lazy Thursday night making an online order. After taking off a few other items from my basket I settled for some staple items. This polka dot shirt is perfect for chucking on for work or on a day when I want to look a little smarter. I love how simple and comfortable this is to wear. Having said this, whilst writing this post I have been wearing this shirt all day and I can say that it creases so bad, which may take away from my desired said smart look. However for £12 you really can't go too wrong. Shabby chic it is then.  

This is what made me want to initially place an order. A gorgeous little black dress with a little edge. May I also add it was in the sale for £12.99, bargaroonie. I like the fact that the cheap price isn't reflected in the quality, as faux leather can often tend to look plastic and shiney. My only tripe with this dress is the deep crease mark made from being folded in the post. Im hoping it will fall out because I plan to wear it, a lot.

Last but not least. These earrings. I have never been a fan of, well anything that isn't a silver stud but these are just a little step out of that comfort zone.

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Winter repelling

Popping into town today in this no jacket weather. I didn't get the most out of this kimono this summer so rinsing it for all its worth now. Looking at these photos I can see I am in desperate need of a hair cut. Why do I always leave it until it looks like a right old frizz bob?
Although I am lusting over all the new autumn collections in store with the fluffy knits and tartan prints, I am so glad the weather is still mild. What is the point in winter fashion as it is always hidden under a coat? Having said this I will need to come to terms with the fact that winter is lurking just around the corner. I am already contemplating this years winter coat purchase and I may go for a statement colour; either electric blue or green. Just to brighten up on those grey days. 

This madam ruined my shots by deciding to have a good licking session in front of the camera.

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