Sunday, 15 June 2014


It seems as though I have lost my blogging bug. I have had many an outfit that needed a quick snap however I have just been unable to find the opportunity and of course suitable weather.  
It was my mum and dads 30th wedding anniversary and to celebrate we all went out for a lovely meal. An occasion like this is a great excuse to dress up.
 The sun may be out however my legs are still pastey white so I kept them well hidden in these gorgeous flares. Purchased last year from Primark, £2! They are long, maybe too long but its nothing a great pair of platforms can't adjust. I really think that flares and heels are a natural combo. The two together elongate the legs and lift la derriere.
With the lace top and statement pearl necklace I think it gives an elegant and vintage feel.
My June is turning out to be a busy month with my birthday coming up and a weekend away with the girl Guides group I help run. On that weekend away fashion and dressing like a girl goes out the window; in with thermals and waterproofs.   

Annie x
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