Thursday, 27 February 2014

Back to black

A rarity to find me in a colourless outfit however I received a parcel of monochromatic coolness in the post this week that reflects this outfit today. I am not a competitive person but something was awakened inside me as I took to ebay in search of a pair of black leather converses. I have been eyeing them up for a few weeks, thinking how cool they are and what I could style them with. Only the £54 price tag stood in my way of those numerous outfits I was putting together in my head. 
So I went into battle in a bidding war and payed £15 for a pair of converse that had only been worn a handful of times. Who really likes squeaky clean converses anyway?

Annie x

Monday, 24 February 2014

Suit you sir

O lordy this is a large picture of myself.
Here is an outfit from a few weeks back, pre hair chop. Usefully after a hair cut I look back at old pictures of myself and lust over my long locks, on this occasion no such thing. If anything I am really considering going a little shorter.
So here is a little sleeveless blazer dress originally from River Island purchased on (of course) ebay. Maybe a little short for a dress but when out in a night club called 'Glam' who's judging hey? Cinched in at the waist with a pop of colour in this cobalt blue belt with a  detail chain that matches my necklace perfectly. Popped on Macs matte 'Lady Danger' for a little more colour.

Annie x

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Dungaree love

Braving the elements this morning to blog this outfit. After I thought that nothing could tear me away from my Moomin p.j's and dressing gown, my ASOS delivery arrived and I got dressed straight away. I have been lusting over these dungarees for a fair while. At £12 from £30 they are a complete steel, but did I need a fourth pair of dungarees in my already obese wardrobe? Turns out I do.
Firstly I love the colour. Initially I was going to opt for the safe option of black but I thought I would try something a little different. I am yet to see anyone else where anything similar. I also love the tailored style of the shorts.
If you hadn't noticed from the bottom picture, I've had the chop. After all the bleach and the turmoil my hair had been through in the last year it was in such a terrible condition. No fancy lotions or potions were making a slight bit of difference so I decided to take the plunge. There was once a time when I went through a moment of madness and asked the hairdresser to give me a 'posh bob'. However I soon grieved the loss of my long hair and vowed to never cut my hair short again, and here we are today. The condition of my hair has been transformed and the curls have jumped back as there is no dead weight pulling them down. I am even considering maybe cutting another inch off......

Annie x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

New year, new clothes

My effort in blogging has fallen flat this past month. However this poor effort has not been reflected in my ability to shop, and in doing so find some big bargains. Here's a recent outfit of mine consisting of a few new additions to my bulging wardrobe.
Starting with this damn fine coat. Seen as this awful weather is here to stay and persisting to be wet and miserable I deemed it a perfect occasion to treat myself to a new coat. The first criteria I was looking for in my new coat was a statement, whether it be colour or pattern. I love the whole light pink coat trend however the colour really does nothing for me my skin tone and draws me out. Also for such a messy eater like myself, was a light coloured coat really the right choice? Same applies to beige, if it doesn't disguise a ketchup stain easily then it probably isn't for me. 
Found this treasure from a designer at Debenhams in Cardiff called Promod. The shop assistant told me they were the only store that stocked this designer and they have some really lovely pieces.  This black and white oversized blazer was £84.95 down to £33.50. 

 I had been eyeing up these red booties before Christmas. I couldn't part with £55 for such a statement coloured shoe, unfortunately red doesn't go with everything and so I didn't feel as though I would get my wear out of them. While shopping in the new year I came across the boots all on their own in New Look, the last pair, in my size, for £20. Mine!!  

Annie x

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