Saturday, 8 February 2014

Dungaree love

Braving the elements this morning to blog this outfit. After I thought that nothing could tear me away from my Moomin p.j's and dressing gown, my ASOS delivery arrived and I got dressed straight away. I have been lusting over these dungarees for a fair while. At £12 from £30 they are a complete steel, but did I need a fourth pair of dungarees in my already obese wardrobe? Turns out I do.
Firstly I love the colour. Initially I was going to opt for the safe option of black but I thought I would try something a little different. I am yet to see anyone else where anything similar. I also love the tailored style of the shorts.
If you hadn't noticed from the bottom picture, I've had the chop. After all the bleach and the turmoil my hair had been through in the last year it was in such a terrible condition. No fancy lotions or potions were making a slight bit of difference so I decided to take the plunge. There was once a time when I went through a moment of madness and asked the hairdresser to give me a 'posh bob'. However I soon grieved the loss of my long hair and vowed to never cut my hair short again, and here we are today. The condition of my hair has been transformed and the curls have jumped back as there is no dead weight pulling them down. I am even considering maybe cutting another inch off......

Annie x

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  1. Is there really anything better than getting an asos delivery? Love these dungarees on you, just wish they suited me! xx Rebecca - UK style blog


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