Monday, 30 December 2013

Must be love

Today I attended a beautiful wedding. I originally didn't think I would be able to attend due to lack of date (how sad!) but a text from a best friend the night before saying that should could come, gave me under 12 hours to prepare myself and find an outfit. On this occasion I am glad I hold the title of 'Clothes Hoarder' and pulled out this never worn little gem. A festive red dress, originally from New Look, purchased on Ebay for under £5. I have never found the right time to wear this as it is a little dressy. But I deem a winter wedding that perfect occasion.  

Went for a bronzed make up look. Using a little Soap and Glory palette that I found in my Christmas stocking. A perfect quad of nude and bronze shades. Also gravitating towards my old trusty Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, with the perfect amount of shimmer and colour. I love the colour of this L'oreal lipstick however a little unimpressed with how long this colour actually stays on the lips. A few reapplies were needed.  
L'oreal Paris- Collection Privee by Eva
Soup & Glory Lid stuff
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact- Bronze

Annie x

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Party cleanser

The party season is in full swing and I myself have been hitting the town for the last 4 weekends straight. For someone who has a deep fondness of my pyjamas and dressing gown, this busy partying schedule is commendable. 

Unfortunately not managing to capture many of my past outfits of the nights, but with the aid of self timer I managed to get a quick snap of last nights. A great party piece of mine is this find from the girls section in M&S, bought for £12. The advantage of being a petite lady like myself allows me to just about get away with an age 13 that just about covers my derrière. But hey, what else says party like all over sequins and a flash of thigh!  

After a combination of long island ice teas and £1 rose wine it is fair to say I am not looking or feeling my freshest. In comes the face cleansers. You see, it is very hard to remove the nights make up with burger in one hand and a facial wipe in the other. So going in full hog this morning.
Starting my using the L'OREAL cleansing solution. Said to have similar properties to the well raved about Bioderma. With a large cotton pad this removes any trace of the left over make up and grime from the night before. Going in for extra measures with this oil cleanser from Lush called Ultrabland. It cleanses the skin without leaving it dry and irritated. Such a lovely product that makes your skin feel....well as we say here in Wales, Lush!
And last nights Fanta beverage is doing a good job at keeping my mouth from drying up.
Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season.
Annie x 
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