Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dark clouds, bright hair

It's here, the cold and the rain has arrived. I have spent over 7 hours in the hair dressers this week. That is a hefty amount of time in which I could have spent doing other things like, blogging. So here is my hair, bleached and dyed within an inch of its life. If I could settle with one hair colour that would be great! Since the age of 15 my dad has despaired as he has to re grout the bathroom tiles every time I have a change in heart and hair colour. Maybe one day I will return to my dull, boring dark brown hair colour; however for now it is bright copper, in other terms Ginger.

With the mix of colours in my hair I also mixed it up on the outfit front. Combining textures and colours with this metallic sparkly t shirt and pink and brown check flannel shirt. Added my brogue vans, which make me feel like Im ready to brake out into a little tap dancing number.

Metallic T-shirt: Next sale
Check shirt: H&M very old
Jacket: River Island sale
Jeans: Primark
Bag: Oasis

Annie x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Im with the band

Just styling up my collection of band tee's. I call it collection , some may call it hoarding. Not many rules apply with styling band tee's other then a few biggies. In my opinion you must...
  • Know the artist
  • Have listened to at least 3 songs
So yep that covers it,  heres how I styled up mine......

Found this Run DMC gem in the boys section in h&m. Reduced down to £2, clearly the young boys of Cardiff need to do a bit of research into 80's hip-hop. Paired it up with my acid wash jeans and my favourite trainers at the moment, these lilac suede Rebook classics. 

Some ironing issues going on with these shorts. Went for an unintentional military vibe here but I think it works well. I like the pop of colour from the red.

It is my duty as a Welshie to support our local produce. 

I was so close to pairing this combo with some Morrissey inspired thick rimmed glasses but restrained myself. Just letting the top do the talking.

Adding a bit of colour whilst sucking myself in with these Topshop Joni jeans

Annie x

Friday, 4 October 2013

Want or need?

Want or need?Topshop pale blue prom dress, £80 / River Island white tux jacket, £45 / River Island jumpsuit, £40 / Vans sneaker, £50 / Accessorize shoulder bag £27 / Topshop earrings / Lipstick, £7.50

What you may not know about me is that I am a Girl Guide Leader. In this weeks session we are discussing what things in life do we want or need. For example we need food and water however we may not need a blue fluffy dress.....but I sure as hell want it.
Ok so whittling it down I may only need one of these items. On a recent night out, I was busting some moves on the dance floor and my bag strap snapped off. Luckily a friend stood in and tied it around my neck, just like a bag necklace. This ultimately made me look like a crazy woman but also makes me bagless and on the hunt for a new one. I love the simplicity of this bag from Accesorize, it would go with everything and therefore I need it in my life. Done, in bag, moving on....
I am not very experimental when it comes to earrings. Hoops have always scared me. When I was younger a girl, who attended mass and played my flute in orchestra I felt as though they were too old for me and made me look, dare I say it, a little tarty. But now I am a full fledged adult at the grand old age of 22 I feel it's time to give them another chance. I love these gold earrings from Topshop, also at £7.50 not exactly breaking the bank for an experimental item.

As for the other items I shall get these when I win the lottery. Failing that they are going onto my growing christmas list.

Annie x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Paint box

I have made a recent discovery in my local Boots store and I for one couldn't be happier. I found SinfulColours nail varnishes on a decollate little stand. I was first drawn in by their amazing colours and then to top it all, they cost a meagre £1.99!! I follow many beauty bloggers and I have never heard anyone mention this brand, which is cray because they are bloody brilliant. They apply well and last longer then any of my fancy nail varnishes from my collection including Leighton Denny, OPI and No.7. Boots current offer of buy one get one half price may explain this hefty collection. It really does seem that I will not be happy unless I acquire the entire colour collection.

Here is the line up...
Pistachio - Nail Junkie - Nirvana - Feeling Good - Boogie nights - Ruby Ruby - Folly

Hopefully your local Boots are stocking these little gems, if not do not fear the website looks like it has a small selection here and if in doubt try Sinful Colors website

Annie x

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