Friday, 27 September 2013

Rain dodging

Just a quickie; here's an outfit of the day. Off to town to do a few errands. Taking full advantage of the lack of rain and wearing my old trusty knitted cardigan; not a waterproof in sight. Its so warm and a lovely colour.
My outfit is a huge sale fest as it is made up of barginous clothes.

Floral shirt: New Look
Green skinnys: Miss Selfridge
Knitted cardigan: H&M
Patent shoes: New Look
Necklace: Miss Selfridge  

I've been making a fine collection of nail varnishes called 'sinfulcolours' which I will have to discuss in a future blog post. Just for starters this colour is 'pistachio' and it's damn fine!

Annie x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hopscotch polka

A little outfit post from a recent night out during my trip to Brighton. Something I have not mentioned on this blog is my recent change of hair colour. A complete accident which occurred in my makeshift salon that is my bathroom but I think I am gunna roll with it for now and see how I get on. Only downfalls to this hair colour is that I have to rule out wearing certain colours. Red and orange is a no no which is a shame coming up to winter but I am sure I will survive.  
Loving my new snazzy tartan trousers from Primark for £12. With subtle navy and green design and also a leather trim around the waist band I find these great value and right on trend for autumn 2013. 
Added a few gold details with:
 Zara heels: £29.99
Primark top: SALE £3
Asos cat watch: SALE £10

Annie x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Brighton Rock

Back from a week away in Brighton. How could I not bring along my new Fred Perry find to the iconic location of the film Quadrophenia. I love this film and the mod iconography surrounding it. I even so managed to add aspects of mod culture and clips of this film into my dance dissertation, very loosely and not very successfully may I add. The brand Fred Perry is famous for its relation with Mod fashion, culture and music and still reflect this in their current collections such as Twisted Wheel and their collaboration with the late Amy Winehouse.

 So, about the I had stated in a previous post I am starting a somewhat small collection of fred perry items. Bear in mind, I am still poor, so I regularly scout ebay for little gems. And a gem is what I did find. It has to be said, this is an odd dress but I am so amazed by how unusual and different it is. I have never seen a dress like it. Major downfalls of this dress is the fact that it is completely see through also without a belt it has a unflattering box like shape to it. But where theres a will theres a way; and a black slip and belt to amend these slight issues. The dress is 100% silk and I have no idea when this dress was available to buy which makes it all seem slightly mysterious and a truly individual dress. 

*Hope you enjoy the song at the bottom of the post*
Disclaimer: Apologies for the lack of angles in this outfit.My boyfriend is not a photographer or a chap with an artistic eye, however he has a pair of hands, a set of eyes and some patients. So that will do for me     

Annie x

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