Sunday, 25 August 2013

The logo

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A few months ago I took out a book from the library that was all about Audrey Hepburn and her style. What surprised me was that I had never seen pictures of Hepburn in her old age. The latest film I watched with her in was My Fair lady, which came out in 1964. Naively the thought had never even past my mind that she would look any different because we are so used to seeing her iconic pictures from the film Breakfast at Tiffany's as her character Holly Glightly. The book had so many beautiful pictures of Hepburn looking amazing and effortlessly stylish in elegant gowns, but this one is the image that caught my attention the most. Here she is in 1988 working in Africa helping the charity UNICEF in a plain polo shirt with a small Lacoste logo. In my opinion, Audrey Hepburn was beautiful inside and out. 

Adidas t-shirt: £20
Skirt: H&m £12.99

Yep alright not as beautiful and elegant as Audrey Hepburn but heey here I am. Loving this adidas T-shirt bought for me as a christmas gift. Not really a fan of the sports luxe trend, I think this may be due to the fact that I spent the majority of the three years of my dance degree in tracky pants, leggings and trainers. Having said this, this tshirt is still feminine enough with a good old polka dot. Not too sure what else to style it with so I think I might experiment with different fabrics and textures.

This second outfit features a vintage Fred Perry find. I love the retro feel of this outfit and wonder, if there was a filter on this picture would it make you question when this was pictured? I seem to be making a small collection of fred Perry items. I find the logo very subtle and elegant, just like Hepburn in her Lacoste shirt. 

Annie x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Yo, Kimono

Channeling my inner Asian with two new kimonos. They are both lovely light weight items that add a bit of interest to an otherwise boring outfit. My most hated part of my body is my top half . I am very conscious of how bony my collar bones are and how gangly my arms are.  With this I have issues with jackets and tops that aren't fitted as I find if they are too big then it will make me appear smaller then I am. Silly I know but everyone has those little body niggles and hang ups that alter the way in which we dress.  

The first kimono was an eBay find, originally from h&m I won the bid for under £5 including postage. The label stated its was a size XS however when it arrived I was a little disappointed as it was huuuge. Tried it on and at first I felt like a wizard, I wasn't impressed. Having said this, I did try it on whilst I was wearing pyjamas so I then decided to style it up and realised it actually looked great on. I figured out that due to its bagginess it should be styled with something fitted underneath.

The second kimono was also an eBay find. Originally from River Island this was again a size 6 however still on the large side. I love the contrasting colours of the teal and orange. Here I have decided to wear it with muted colours like the grey and light blue and bring out the orange with this lovely orange and gold necklace from ASOS that I received as a birthday prezzie. I have recently started seeing Kimonos pop up in shops on the high street. Primark have a couple of lovely silky ones with oriental prints priced at around £15. I think they are a great alternative to a cardigan or blazer and adds a bit of interest to an outfit.

Annie x

Friday, 9 August 2013

Come on Eileen

I've gone back in time and I am embracing my youth. They are back, the dungarees have been a big look for spring summer 2013 and I for one couldn't be happier. I used to have a pair of trousered dungarees with a black baroque print which I would wear with an orange Reebok t-shirt; I'm not sure that was ever in fashion. Nowadays I am never one to fall head first into a current trend so I have been debating whether to get myself a pair of dungarees and my fashion senses have won. So 13 years down the line I have found this little gem in the Urban Outfitters sale rail; originally £45 and down to £20. I have teamed it with a red and white striped sleeveless shirt that narrowly survived a recent wardrobe clear out. Love this trend as they are so versatile, I'm excited to start styling these up in the autumn/winter with some woolly tights and boots; can't believe I am already looking ahead to that dreaded cold season! But for now, here's to summer.

Annie x
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