Monday, 19 May 2014

Dresslink...what do I think?

I've always been curious by these numerous clothing websites that are offering a large selection of clothing, such as: Choies, romwe ect.  The items on these sites are so unique; nothing like what I've seen on the high street. Best of all they are cheap cheap cheap, mainly due to the fact that they are based in china. Due to my disproportionate body I always have to try on clothes so I have always been a little dubious about ordering online. I was drawn to the website by recommendations from numerous bloggers and youtubers. The website sells a range of items; from children's and women's clothing to jewellery and footwear.
Before making my order with, I did my fair share of research. The main point that I picked up on was the sizing. Due to the fact that this is an Asian brand the sizes come up very small.
With each clothing item comes measurements so be sure to look through these, maybe have a measuring tape handy. I am normally a size XS/S however in some of the clothes I purchased a size L. As well as sizing, have a read through of the reviews. These are very handy in telling you about the quality and sizes. 
I waited a good 18 days for my items to arrive. I was a little apprehensive about what to expect as the reviews were such a mixed bag. I can honestly say that I am blown away with the quality of these products. My favourite is the white and blue dress by far.
I will say however everything has arrived within the 18 days; accept for one dress which wasn't included in the parcel. I have read through the term and conditions and it does state that some items may come separately in the post. I have contacted dresslink and hope to get an explanation very soon. If it doesn't turn up then it will really taint my perception of dresslink, which would be a shame as my overall experience has been great.

Dress size L

Size M

Annie x

Monday, 12 May 2014

Colour me in

When I was three years old, I started dancing. For our shows we had to wear a customary bright blue eyeshadow lid, rosy red cheeks and a bright red lip. To top it all off, the night before hair would be put into rags or rollers for a miraculously ringletty mound of hair the next day . 
Years later after muting my makeup down to simple nudes and straightening my hair it seems this look may be making a come back. It is true, I am embracing my natural curls and even turning to a curling wand for extra volume and yes I do sport a red or bold lip from time to time; but coloured eyeshadow? Could it ever sit comfortably back into my life without me donning tap shoes and singing songs about rainbows/stars/babies/calendar girls ect.  
I have a whole Urban Decay palette with beautiful colours that I just never use. I love makeup and will use any excuse to buy and experiment with it however there are only so many shades of cream, brown and black that I could possibly use.
So I'm branching out with a little colour here and there. As well as eyeshadow I have also experimented with coloured eyeliners, I go ahead and paint on a black eyeliner (liquid or gel) and then just above add a line of colour with either one of the two pencils listed below.
I have started small, the little Natural Collection eyeshadow pots and the new revlon single eyeshadows are a cheap and easy way to experiment without braking the bank.

Urban Decay pallete: Book of shadows
Natural Collection eyeshadows: Spring green and Moss shimmer
Revlon eyeshadow: Plum
Seventeen kohl eye pencil: Plum
MUA Eye liner: Forest Green

Annie x

Thursday, 1 May 2014


With my new short hair I'm feeling a little edgy in my dressing today. Completely going against my comment in this post saying that I am going to be wearing more colour; maybe in the next post I will wear all the colours of the rainbow to compensate.
Today I had to return some black and white gingham jeans to Primark. I loved them however the size 8 were perfect on the legs but didn't fit my waist. My body shape just seems to go against most stores measuring systems. So today I am going for the trusty stretchy tube skirt. I not going into battle with any item of clothing that is not elasticated; one of those day.  

 Todays blog guest: My little (massively taller than me) brother has taken a brake from his GCSE revision to try his hand at modelling.

Annie x
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