Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers day

Just a little mention to my mother. A lovely little woman with a fab sense of style. I love looking back at old pictures to see some of her outfits; some of which she had actually made herself. 
My true style icon.

Annie x

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Despite the glorious weather we had on the weekend I decided to choose the colour beige. I may need to experiment with these dungarees; I find if I choose a colourful top underneath I may run the risk of looking like a 5 year old. So playing it safe by sticking to neutrals for now.

Dungarees- ASOS sale
Short sleeved jumper- Topshop (ebayed) 

Annie x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Grey Day

Here is what I wore today, along with a whole load of mess under my clothes rail. Apologies for that.
Going for a grey theme today influenced by my recent purchase from the Zara sale. 

This is how I play the Zara sale: When the sale first starts I find it hard to find a genuine bargain, usually items are between 10%-40% off. Not barginous enough for me. So I wait maybe a month after the sale has started, ok there may not be as many clothes left and with a small size selection but the prices really do drop. It is a great way of picking up items that you may have not originally gravitated to before. 
I do find with the remnants of the sale you will see some Zara items with quality that isn't always tip top; zips broken and snags on loose knit items. In my opinion if this can happen in the store then it would for sure happen when you got it home and worn it a few times. So you can thank those rough handed customers for trying on the clothes in the store and testing the durability before you buy the item.   
So here is one of my recent steals. Lets start with the price £25.99 down to £5.99.
Gorgeous grey denim with rose print design. Could do with being a size smaller but nothing a waist belt can't cinch in. With the sun finally coming out to greet us all I enjoyed getting my legs out, and due to the length of the skirt only had to shave my legs knee down, win!

Annie x

Friday, 14 March 2014

Go go gadget...

When it comes to gadgets and technology I am completely useless. I even have to stand back as my little brother shakes his head and sighs as he fiddles around with cables as I can't work out how to switch the TV settings to DVD, I just want to prance about the living room to my Pilates DVD. I am however a massive fan of this little gadget due to the gorgeous colour and cool design. Got these as a Christmas present from the boyf, I asked for some earphones with these credentials: 
1. Look cool
2. Be girly
3. Have good sound quality 

As someone who studied music technology in University he was less than impressed with my basic priorities but none the less he came up trumps with these beauties.
The sound quality is bloody brilliant, the colour is so vibrant and different and the style is retro and chic.
Looking at the website they have lots of different styles in so many colours so take your pick.

Annie x
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