Saturday, 31 January 2015

Woman in black

Well, happy new year. It is a new year however I am doing the same old thing, sales shopping. Some people hate January, and rightly so. No christmas decorations and most importantly no excuses for over indulging on cheese and chocolate. However, for a sale fiend like myself I find the January sales the best time to find your bargains. A lot of the items in the sale are coats, boots, knitwear and accessories. The last time I looked outside it was still bloody freezing so we are still definitely in need of all of these things.
So the outfit is lacking in colour but gains credit from my big bargain coat. I found this bundle of fluffiness on the uniqlo website for £9.99. It is so cosy and also very stylish, black is always for the win. Down to the shinny shoes from Topshop, I love how I can smarten up an outfit with a flat, even if they did give me a few blisters.

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