Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dark clouds, bright hair

It's here, the cold and the rain has arrived. I have spent over 7 hours in the hair dressers this week. That is a hefty amount of time in which I could have spent doing other things like, blogging. So here is my hair, bleached and dyed within an inch of its life. If I could settle with one hair colour that would be great! Since the age of 15 my dad has despaired as he has to re grout the bathroom tiles every time I have a change in heart and hair colour. Maybe one day I will return to my dull, boring dark brown hair colour; however for now it is bright copper, in other terms Ginger.

With the mix of colours in my hair I also mixed it up on the outfit front. Combining textures and colours with this metallic sparkly t shirt and pink and brown check flannel shirt. Added my brogue vans, which make me feel like Im ready to brake out into a little tap dancing number.

Metallic T-shirt: Next sale
Check shirt: H&M very old
Jacket: River Island sale
Jeans: Primark
Bag: Oasis

Annie x

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