Sunday, 5 October 2014

Winter repelling

Popping into town today in this no jacket weather. I didn't get the most out of this kimono this summer so rinsing it for all its worth now. Looking at these photos I can see I am in desperate need of a hair cut. Why do I always leave it until it looks like a right old frizz bob?
Although I am lusting over all the new autumn collections in store with the fluffy knits and tartan prints, I am so glad the weather is still mild. What is the point in winter fashion as it is always hidden under a coat? Having said this I will need to come to terms with the fact that winter is lurking just around the corner. I am already contemplating this years winter coat purchase and I may go for a statement colour; either electric blue or green. Just to brighten up on those grey days. 

This madam ruined my shots by deciding to have a good licking session in front of the camera.

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