Monday, 11 November 2013


For those of you that may not be familiar with let me fill you in. E.l.f is an online makeup website with a large range of products for (you guessed it) your eyes, lips and face....also nails but 'elfn' isn't such an effective name. A lot of their products range from £1.50 to about £10. I had made an online purchase maybe 2 years ago to see what all the hype was about. I ordered a lip gloss, blusher brush and pressed powder and I have to say that the products were so so and didn't see much use on my face. They have since been shunned to the back of my makeup draw. I think the only problems with e.l.f is firstly, the company is still relatively new and so finding useful reviews on products are hard to come by; having said this most items on the website do have reviews from customers. Secondly as it is a website you are unable to swatch samples to check colour and consistency before purchase, also colours transcend completely differently when pictured. However this last aspect has been resolved for me, as e.l.f has come to Cardiff.    
Situated in Morgans Arcade the new and shiney e.l.f store. Myself and my cousin entered like two curious kittens and exiting with hands and arms full of sample swatches. They stock almost everything from the website however limited stock on the lower priced items. Before the store had opened, I was excited thinking I could easily start stocking up on the £1.50 make up brushes, however they only seem to stock the higher priced equivalents.        

After swatching and feeling up every item in the store I ventured online to take advantage of one of e.l.f's many promotions. 50% off when you spend £20!
So I made my order, however then had to wait a whole week for it to arrive, with only an apology email to compensate. Lets hope that the products aren't as disappointing. Reviews to come.... 

Annie x

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