Sunday, 22 March 2015

The 70's

A month back I decided to have a big clear out of my wardrobes. Along with many of the items that got the boot was a pair of high waisted denim flares. They fitted me perfectly and I had bought them for only £3 in H&M, however I had to ask myself the question, "Will I actually ever get any wear out of them?". At the time I thought no, I love them but I just don't have the confidence to wear an item that hasn't been in fashion for years...........
Que. Spring/Summer 2015. 70's fashion is everywhere and so are bloody denim flares!! So moral of the story, hoarding clothes is for the win.
I really don't think I will replace them. I just can't bring myself to even consider spending £30 odd on an item of clothing that I originally bought for £3. That's the price of a fancy sandwich! Instead I have opted for maybe a more wearable option with a 70's print. Originally I thought the print may be too big for someone of my size but I think it works well. I am not used to wearing bold prints but loved the colour combination in this dress. Worn with a pair of brown boots and a beige mac makes for a perfect spring outfit.

Dress: H&M: £14.99
The 70's

The 70's

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