Saturday, 25 April 2015

In the nud

I love a good old smokey eye, in fact I love creating eyeshadow looks. When I put my make up on I go to town on the eyeshadow, making it the main feature, then when it comes to the lips only a nude will do. Now, I know we are heading into summer where I hear bold pinks are hot but I think there is still time to channel our inner Kylie Jenner, minus a shot class and bruised lips. A nude for one person may not be a nude for another, so I am basing these on what suits my olive skin tone.

In the nud

In the nud

I had been on the hunt for this shade for months, even my boyfriend remembers the famous 'shade 11'  quest of 2014. Now, you can't go wrong with MUA lipsticks. They are creamy, they glide on and stay on the lips. A real no nonsense lippy and for £1 you really can't go wrong.   
These Maybelline colour drama chunky lip pencils are the bomb. Great colour collection and a soft and smooth application. 'Nude perfection' is a colour moving onto the brown side of the nudes.
Loreal | Collection Privee by Eva
This was the first nude I bought in my collection and it still remains my favourite, almost like a first child. I went for the 'Eva' shade as I thought this would be the best match for my skin tone. A lovely rosey nude with a smooth, long lasting finish. 
4 MAC | Fast Play 
Ok yes, this maybe a little bit of a cheat. An intruder to the nude family but I would say it is a neutral colour that looks great paired with a smokey eye. A deep brown with a tint of berry. 
Rimmel 1000 kisses lip pencil | 050 Tiramisu
Great to line the lips or to add an all over colour. Not scratchy like many over lip pencils and cheap. However it does leave me craving some tiramisu.  

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