Saturday, 2 May 2015

Making a statement

I make many verbal statements throughout my day: I am hungry, I am pissed off, I want more mayonnaise on that......etc, etc. However, I do not tend to make any statements with my jewellery. To tell you the truth I am rubbish with jewellery, I often just forget to put it on or it gets in the way if I do. Here is part of my necklace collection. From this picture I can see 3 novelty animal pieces which could suggest that I should really, grow up? Go shopping and update my collection? 
I prefer the latter. 

Making a statement

So here is my new statement jewellery wish list, all gathered from H&M and Forever21 who are always on point and reasonably priced when it comes to jewellery.

Statement necklaces

Forever 21 flower statement necklace
£13 -

Forever 21 cluster necklace
£8.36 -

H M sparkle jewelry
£13 -

Forever 21 necklace
£8.52 -

H M short necklace
£9.99 -

H M wooden pendant necklace
£7.99 -
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