Thursday, 14 May 2015

Battle of the balms

For a make up addict such as myself I need to consider how I am going to eventually take the stuff off my face. When I started reading beauty blogs, I learnt about cleansing. Apparently face wipes were the devil and just didn't do the job properly, who would have thought. So I have tried and tested the majority of cleansers that Boots have to offer; ranging from gels, oils and micellar water. For those drunken/tired/laziest times before sleep, I have found these balms are my best option. The feeling of rubbing these into my face looks so wrong, but feels so right. You only need a little and as you rub the balms into the skin and they begin to melt. The makeup starts to break down including eye makeup, resulting in a look that would be best suited down the mines. All you need next is a warm, clean, damp flannel to wipe off all the excess.
 Clinique 'Take the day off' has an almost Vaseline like texture and does an excellent job at getting all your make up off; even waterproof mascara. 
However, if I had to pick a favourite I would choose 'ultrabland'. Not only does it leave your face clean and make up free, it makes it smooth and nourished. I very rarely have to apply a moisturiser after.
Clearly not content with 2 balms, I also have my eyes on The Body Shop's Camomile sumptuous cleansing butter. Reviews look great so I may just need to also add that to the cleansing party (mess) going on in my bathroom.  

Battle of the balms

battle of the balms

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