Monday, 10 August 2015


The best kind of mornings this morning. ASOS delivery. From my order, these shorts are the true stars. I put them on straight away and it seems I still haven't cut out the label.  Unfortunately as for the rest of the order I also received another pair of shorts which were lovely until a button simply dropped off after merely touching it and a pair of joggers (my attempt of at least looking like I am contemplating exercise) that looked nothing like the picture matched up on the website. ASOS, sort it out.
Now, I am not 100% sure how to describe these shorts. Lets say they are a digital, abstract floral print. What I can definitely say is that they are hella comfy. Light weight material and an easy elasticated waist, you know the kind that makes a slight imprint on your stomach which makes you have a slight panic attack when you take them off, thinking you have developed deep belly winkles throughout the day.
 I had originally bought them as an easy and stylish item to wear for camping this summer but it seems they also looked great smartened up with this light polka dot shirt from Forever 21. Folding up the sleeves and tying the front to make the outfit  look more casual and relaxed.   
The shorts are still in the ASOS sale for £9 here.

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  1. Great Shorts

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