Saturday, 15 August 2015

Put together

Recently my boyfriend got his well earned PGCE and graduated for the second time. As much as that is brilliant news for him and very exciting, the true question was what was I to wear to the graduation? We all have those shallow moments (I hope), ya know like"Congratulations on your engagement...........what season are you getting married in? I just need to consider colour palette and weather appropriate shoes".
Well here is what I came up with. Got this dress last year when I came across the website sheinside, I thought it was really different and like nothing I had in my wardrobe already. 
The coat was an after thought, of course lets not get too ahead of ourselves we are still experiencing a British summer. A true bargain at £7 from Primark. I am amazed at how perfectly this coat works with this outfit. Im not usually one for matching colours in my outfits but the dress and coat compliment each other so well.   
Black suede mules on sale now at Tesco. Finally, a comfy pair of heels with no uncomfortable rubbing.
All in all a perfect outfit to sit for 2 hours whilst applauding complete strangers.  

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