Saturday, 13 April 2013

Charity guilt

Today I had that awkward dodging shuffle dance with a charity street fundraiser. I got caught, and stuck for an answer as to why I couldn't give money to his worth while cause. This time last year my mechanical response would have been "sorry, I'm a student" but this year I am in full time work, however still skint. Out of all the responses I could have given I said I was unemployed. He was taken aback (by my unconvincing lie) and said that I looked very well dressed for someone who is unemployed. A massive stereotype; but funny enough the whole outfit (not including coat/shoes/accessories) actually cost me £5 from Primark. I did not go into these deets with him, left them for my blog.

Jumper: Primark £3

Shorts: Primark £2

Metallic chelsea boots: River Island 
sale £15

Leather Jacket: Miss Selfridge £50

Bag: Next sale £10 
If I could donate my money to as many worthy charities out there I would. I will start donating on a regular basis to my preferred charity when I am on a steady and sustainable income. Until then I will have to partake in numerous more awkward avoiding dances on the street and maybe come up with a better lie.

Annie x      

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