Saturday, 27 April 2013


Just an outfit of the day with some metallic details thrown in for good measure. Went out for lunch with my best friend celebrating her new job and the fact that the sun came out. 
Jumper: Next (sale)
Skirt: Miss Selfridge (sale)
Bag: Oasis (gift)
Leather Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Boots: River Island (sale)

I got these lovely little earrings from a little market store in London 5 years ago on a college trip. My friend laughed at them and said I would never wear them; this is the second time I have worn them. But they are so cute, one is a little boy and the other is a little girl 

Matching my boots with my nail varnish. Loving this new one from miss sporty. Cheap as chips (nom) and just gives a lovely effect, shows up green and purple in different lights. I know theres a couple of similar nail products on the market that give a similar effect like Rimmel and Macs 'mean and green'

Annie xx

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